My Dispersal Route

I have had a winding path to my current position, which has allowed me to develop a lot of fun and stimulating collaborations, work in a variety of ecosystems, and experience academic and research settings in different cultures. I’ve enjoyed all the steps along this route!

Current Habitat: University of British Columbia, Department of Zoology & Biodiversity Research Center (Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

t-1: Zurich, Switzerland
t-2: Latnjajaure, Sweden, and Longyearbyen, Svalbard
t-3: Visby, Gotland, Sweden
t-4: Davos, Switzerland
t-5: Montpellier, France
t-6: Eugene, Oregon, USA
t-7: Navarre, Florida, USA
t-8: Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

Rachel Germain Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia
Host/Advisor: Rachel Germain
(A few of my) collaborators:
Mary O’Connor, Adam Ford
hint: bio photos are clickable to find lab/researcher websites
Florian Altermatt PhD through University of Zurich & Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
Supervisor: Florian Altermatt
Emanuel Fronhofer, Isabelle Gounand, Eric Harvey, Roman Alther, Elvira Maechler
Dissertation Title: Keystone Shredders and the Headwater Stream Meta-Ecosystem
Juha Alatalo Elisabeth Cooper Masters thesis through Uppsala University
Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Evolution
Supervisors: Juha Alatalo (Uppsala) and Elisabeth Cooper (University of Tromsø)
Thesis Title: Community, Functional Group, and Species Responses to Decades of Experimental Warming in the High and Low Arctic
Juha Alatalo Ulf Molau Annika Jagerbrand Research training at Campus Gotland
Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Evolution
Supervisor: Juha Alatalo
Collaborators: Ulf Molau (Gothenburg University) and Annika Jägerbrand (VTI Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute)
Christian Rixen Herwig StiborJulia Wheeler Andres Cortes Janosch Sedlacek WSL-Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF
Masters thesis through Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Evolution
Supervisors: Christian Rixen (SLF) and Herwig Stibor (LMU)
Unofficial Supervisor: Julia Wheeler (SLF)
Collaborators: Andrés Cortés (Uppsala University) and Janosch Sedlacek (Uni Konstanz)
Thesis Title: Devil in the Details: Microtopographic and Microenvironmental Controls on Salix Herbacea Growth, Reproduction, and Herbivory
Helene Jourdan Elodie Chapuis Research stage at Cirad (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development)
Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Evolution
Supervisors: Hélène Jourdan (Cirad) and Elodie Chapuis (CEFE)
Project Title:  Exploring the relationship between tychoparthenogenesis and inbreeding depression in the Desert Locust, Schistocerca gregaria
Scott Bridgham Bart JohnsonLaurel Pfeifer-Meister Lorien Reynolds Research Technician/Field Manager, University of Oregon
PI’s: Scott Bridgham and Bart Johnson
Associates: Laurel Pfeifer-Mesiter, Lorien Reynolds, and many others
Project Website: here
stoddard Research Technician, University of Florida
Supervisor: Margo Stoddard
Project Title: Perceived Threats and Foraging Behavior of the Santa Rosa Beach Mouse
irwin Bachelors honors thesis and research assistantship at Dartmouth College
Fieldwork at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Gothic, Colorado
Supervisor: Rebecca Irwin
Thesis Title: The Effects of Mine Disturbance and Contamination on Pollination of Subalpine Wildflowers