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Our values

As stated in its name, the Little Ecology Group values each little piece that makes up our collective group. Our lab members come from varying backgrounds, including in our positionality and understanding of the world, and we are dedicated to making this a safe place for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience. The Little Ecology Group celebrates these differences, for they enrich what we all share: our curiosity and love for science. We strive to create an environment where people can feel confident and supported in seeking higher learning, regardless of their background or experience, and where we practice kindness and respect for ourselves and others. We seek inspiration from other group members and aim to create a fun and collaborative environment where we can learn in an engaging and supportive way. Although our research is focused on ecology, our work is not limited to only the natural world and we must consider all aspects of natural and social science, including historical relevance, cultural importance, political influence, and scientific method. We recognize the importance of not only doing science, but of understanding it in the larger context of the world, and of communicating it effectively across communities. We are community participants who share our work with local policy and decision-makers to help protect nature. If you align with these values or if you have new views to challenge and improve who we are as a group, the Little Ecology Group welcomes you!

Types of Positions

Graduate students are hosted in the School of Research and Environmental Management or the Department of Biological Sciences. If you are interested in pursuing a masters or PhD in our research group, please make sure that your research interests align with our interests and expertise In my personal experience (please check out the “research” tab); Dr. Little does not take on students that she cannot mentor effectively in their chosen disciplines or career paths. Send a brief statement about your background, research interests, and career goals to Dr. Little. Also watch this space for advertisement of posting of specific graduate positions.

SFU undergraduates interested in research opportunities in the group should get in touch at any time – directed studies and thesis projects are just a few ways that you could join our group.

I do not currently have funding to support postdocs, but I would be happy to help you develop a fellowship application to work in my group. Some postdoc fellowship options are: NSERC, Banting, Liber Ero, MITACS (requires organizational matching funds). There may be others that match your profile, including from your home country or the country where you did your PhD, if you are not Canadian.