Chelsea J. Little
Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Science & School of Resource and Environmental Management
Chelsea is a community, landscape, and ecosystem ecologist. Her research considers how communities of organisms assemble, the interactions between organisms of similar and different trophic groups, and how their traits contribute to ecosystem function. Ecosystems are intrinsically connected by exchanges of organisms (dispersal and other movement) and materials (for example, resource subsidies), so a second avenue of her research considers how these exchanges affect the functioning of recipient ecosystems. She uses a combination of laboratory experiments, field experiments, observational data, and data synthesis/meta-analysis in my research. She likes playing in the mountains and the snow, reading books (often crime novels), and eating cookies .
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Kate Andy
Masters in Resource Management (MRM) Student
Kate is a graduate student at SFU in the Resource and Environmental Management program. She is a landscape and movement ecologist, who is particularly interested in studying how wildlife use space and how this relationship changes as climate change alters the landscape. In the Little Ecology Group, Kate will be examining how wildlife use riparian zone corridors across a developmental gradient in British Columbia. She hopes that this research will inform wildlife corridor planning. Throughout this process, she also hopes to connect the public to her work and to the natural world she studies. In her free time, Kate enjoys cross country skiing, hiking, and playing the piano.

Sage Dillabough
Undergraduate Researcher
Sage is a second-year undergraduate student at SFU studying Environmental Science with a concentration in Applied Biology and a minor in Sustainable Development. As part of the Little Ecology Group, she will mainly be in the lab working on identifying macroinvertebrate samples and managing data. Sage completed a co-op work term in Fall 2021 and is planning a summer research project for summer 2022. In addition, Sage enjoys reading, hiking, and hanging out with her two crazy cats in her free time!

Pierre Etienne Banville
Undergraduate Researcher
Pierre Etienne is currently in his second year in the Global Environmental Systems program. He is particularly interested in topics related to environmental sustainability and is planning to pursue graduate studies after completing his degree. He also has a prior degree in actuarial sciences and has been working as an actuary providing consulting services for pensions and benefit plans for nearly 15 years. As part of the Little Ecology Group, Pierre Etienne will be conducting statistical analysis of ecological simulation data and assist in ecological field research related to wildlife movement. Pierre Etienne loves the outdoors and enjoys getting out rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering in his free time.

Lab Alumni

Amanda Wik – Honors Thesis Student
Amanda is interested in conservation management and ecology and completed her thesis studying whether managing for Pacific Salmon in urban streams have benefits to the base of the food web, using decomposition as an indicator.

Zoey SchutzHonors Thesis Student
Zoey is particularly interested in environmental policy and law, and plans to pursue environmental law after completing her undergraduate degree. As part of the Little Ecology Group, Zoey studied beetle biodiversity around intermittent streams.