New Paper: Interference Competition, Ecosystem Function, and Scaling-Up

My newest paper, “Nonlinear Effects of Intraspecific Competition Alter Landscape-Wide Scaling-Up of Ecosystem Function,” is in press at The American Naturalist. This work paired a lab experiment in which I found nonlinear density-dependence of detritivore feeding rates with geostatistical modeling to explore the consequences for organic matter processing in whole stream catchments. You can read it here (accepted version without final formatting) or here (published version, paywall). This is the work I’m most proud of and excited about in my career so far, and I’d love to discuss it if you have comments or questions! Big thank you to my PhD advisor Florian Altermatt and my co-author Emanuel Fronhofer, as well as friends, colleagues, technicians, and students who helped with various parts of the field and lab work.