New Preprint: Information in Meta-Ecosystems

I’m very excited to share a new preprint: “Filling the Information Gap in Meta-Ecosystem Ecology.” This paper is the result of an ad hoc group of ecologists who met at the 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Unifying Ecology Across Scales. The theme that year was “information”, something that most of us (and probably many ecologists) hadn’t considered in the way that was presented by Mary O’Connor (the conference lead organizer) and the other speakers. We decided to try to think through what all these new-to-us ideas would mean for spatial ecology, and over the next two years did a lot of learning! I read so many interesting papers and our brainstorming, writing, and revising sessions were both fun and really pushed my understanding of ecology. We came up with some ideas I’m really proud of. Anyway, we’re excited to share the fruits of our labors, which I co-led with Matteo Rizzuto (who is looking for a postdoc, hire him!).