I love talking about science! Perhaps because of my background in journalism, I really enjoy communicating both my own and others’ work in a format outside the introduction-methods-results-discussion formula, and finding ways to tell stories that people connect to. I also talk about my job as a scientist. I didn’t grow up knowing that I wanted to be one, so I like telling people about the various ways you can get into science, all the different things you can do with a background in science, and that it’s completely okay to have a nonlinear path to your eventual career.

Some of my outreach efforts include:

Skype A Scientist: I’ve skyped into a number of elementary school classrooms (2019) and family/friend groups (2020, post-COVID…) to talk about ecology, natural history, climate change, and what it’s like to be a scientist.

Classroom visits: In 2019, I presented to a high school environmental studies class at the Zurich International School about freshwater ecology, the diversity of careers in science, and what it’s like to study science at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Podcast interviews: I’ve been interviewed on a number of podcasts. Links below:

  • MEME Stream podcast, 2019: I was interviewed about my masters project on plant-herbivore interactions and climate change in the High Arctic and my experience doing an international masters program.
  • Nordic Nation podcast, 2018: I discussed my doctoral research as an introduction to an interview about my work in cross-country skiing and journalism, bringing ecology to a new audience.
  • Science In Progress podcast, 2018: I was interviewed about my doctoral research on stream ecosystems, and advice for American students interested in graduate school in Europe.

Twitter hosting: In 2019 I spent a week as the host of  the @Biotweeps Twitter account (5,000+ followers), interacting with users about ecology, conservation, and the practice of science. You can see the tweets from that week here!